How to join our group


             National Research Council Davies Fellowship - Postdoctoral Position NOW FILLED


Post-Doctoral Fellows & Staff Scientists

I encourage independent and creative postdoctoral fellows and staff scientists with a passion for regenerative biology to contact us. Please contact us with a description of your experiences, research interests, and goals. Having your own fellowship or other funding (NIH, DoD, Foundation-based, etc.) is encouraged.

Graduate Students

Graduate students from any university can conduct all or part of their thesis research in our group. Consult with your academic department to find out about specific requirements for your program. We can assist you in formulating a research project that meets your goals and the specific requirements of your degree program. I also suggest that you secure a graduate research fellowship (NSF, NDSEG, Hertz, etc.). Send us a CV and a statement of research interests. Prospective students should contact me directly.


Include a CV and a description of your research interests. We can structure flexible research experiences that give you as much freedom or mentorship as you would like. We treat the undergraduate research experience as an opportunity to explore and grow scientific curiosity.


We welcome inquiries from members of the broader scientific community to include bio-entrepreneurs. If you are interested in collaborating or contributing please email me.

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