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We welcome Dr. Joseph Loverde who will head up our neuroregeneration work in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University. This work is supported by a Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program grant in peripheral nerve regeneration.


RegenBioGroup featured in Peer-Reviewed Orthopedic Research Program highlights.


​George Klarmann presented work on bioactive scaffolds at the 2013 NCI Spring Research Festival.

RegenBioGroup welcomes Dr. George Klarmann who brings many years of experience from his time at Lonza and the National Cancer Institute.

CFD Research and RegenBioGroup selected for a Phase II SBIR award from the Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center in November 2012 

Recent work in multilayer thin-film coatings capable of extended programmable drug release published in DDTR.

Luis Alvarez gives invited seminar at the 2011 Life Technologies Global K Innovation Day on biomaterials design for 3-D mesenchymal stem cell culture.

Protein engineering work featured in MIT News, “Turning off cancer’s growth signals” June 8, 2011

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