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Our aim is to discover and apply emerging knowledge at the interface of stem cell biology and materials science to design cell environments that can regenerate tissue following disease or trauma. We seek new approaches to manipulate cells and their environments and focus on the following research thrust areas:


Applied Progenitor & Stem Cell Biology​​

Protein Engineering & Biological Interface Design​​

Biomaterials Engineering

Organ and Tissue Banking

News and Events


Paper on inertial microfluidic separation of iPSC-derived neural stem cells published in Microfluidics and Nanofluidics (2017)

Paper on dual-micropore cell sorting published in Analytical Methods (2016)

Award Profile on

Paper on ceramic binding therapeutics for orthopedic applications published in PLOS One (2015)


Paper on label-free microfluidic cell sorting based on differentiation state pulbished in Lab on a Chip (2015)


RegenBioGroup researchers featured in West Point Magazine (2015)

RegenBioGroup awarded a 2015 Joint Warfighter Medical Research Program grant to carry out pre-clinical development of a novel bone regeneration platform. Collaborators on the grant include the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, the US Army Institute of Surgical Research, MIT, and the NIH. 

Blast dosimetry work featured as part of the MIT Institute of Soldier Nanotechnologies

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